We build brand reputations and help businesses develop thought-leadership through public relations, digital communication and content.

We work with service-based businesses that want to do things differently. Our clients are all over New Zealand in the health, IT, science, property, and professional services industries such as finance, legal, and recruitment.


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We develop and execute new and fresh ways for our clients to connect and communicate with their target audiences in memorable ways. As a result, we measurably increase the positive results of their communication efforts.  


Social media management

We get social media, and we know how to leverage it in professional services and B2B to increase brand awareness. Through thoughtful content creation, community engagement, we build a strong relationship between you and your audience.

Public relations initiatives

Using traditional PR practices, digital PR explores and connects both traditional and digital tactics to create a compelling campaign and reach a wider audience. Rather than just leaving it in the hands of the media, our strategies get cut-through.

Content creation

Creating custom high-quality content not only provides a vehicle for brand positioning, it also helps develop thought-leadership,  provides value and builds trust with a targeted audience. We create engaging tailored brand content specifically for your platforms.

Event promotion

With a strong experience in event management and promotion, we know what event managers are looking for. Our work drastically expands your reach to specific audiences, and we amplify the quality of your event on the day through digital engagement strategies.