Facebook’s New Pages Layout Is A Big Win For Businesses

I feel like every day I wake up to a new Facebook page layout. Sometimes I don't like the changes, but the newest pages layout gets a big 'Facebook thumbs up' from me. Here's some of the significant visual changes.

No more overlap

The best change to this new layout is the removal of all overlapping on the cover photo. Page name, profile photo and action buttons have all been moved. The cover photo can now be seen in all its glory on both the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook giving you more space to do something creative.

 Facebook desktop pages BEFORE

Facebook desktop pages BEFORE

 Facebook desktop page AFTER

Facebook desktop page AFTER

New mobile layout also moves away from overlap


A call-to-action button that deserves its name

Looking at the 'before' images above you miss the CTA, but in the new layout it's much bigger, in colour and in its own location - finally earning its right to be called a CTA. Be interesting to see the click rate of this button change for businesses.

Wider layout

The wider layout utilises more of the empty space on the left of your screen. The profile photo and the tabs have moved here, while keeping the newsfeed the same size. This means all tabs are now visible and fans no longer need to use that annoying 'more' drop down feature. 

Left panel is static

As well as moving the profile photo and the tabs to the left of the screen, this area is now static while you scroll through the newsfeed. I love this feature because not only does it keep your page's brand in view no matter how far down the feed you go, it also lets fans navigate through your tabs without scrolling back to the top of the screen - no one has time for that. 

The mobile app also keeps the tab navigation static as you scroll, but not the profile photo.

Other changes

  • The 'about' section, photos, videos and visitor posts are now on the right. Other than this, not many changes with these features.
  • Cute new icons appeared today for posting options

So far I've only experienced the new layout on the Chrome browser, but I'm still seeing the old layout in Firefox. I'm not even going to look at it on IE.

These new changes makes Facebook pages feel more like a website and the new layout is much nicer to look at.